By - Technicalsupport is a web page where you can find all the kaspersky products on a single page. From this page either you can download any trial or you can buy any of the kaspersky product. If you already purchased a product of kaspersky and you want to activate it , this page is going to help.   How to

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OnePlus 8T 5G (12GB RAM, 256GB Storage)

OnePlus 8T 5G (Lunar Silver 12GB RAM, 256GB Storage) OnePlus 8T 5G (Aquamarine Green, 12GB RAM, 256GB Storage) Style name: 12GB RAM, 256GB Storage     Brand OnePlus Colour Aquamarine Green OS Android Form factor Touchscreen Phone Memory Storage Capacity 256 GB About this item Rear Quad Camera with 48 MP Sony IMX586 Sensor, 16 MP Ultra Wide Angle, 5 MP

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How do I transfer my AVG to a new computer?

If you want to transfer your AVG license from one device to another device then you need to remove it from the device where it is already installed. Then you can install it on the new device. Note: Here i am assuming that you have AVG license for a single device and that you want to transfer to another computer.

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Installing AVG on Windows 10

Installing AVG on windows 10 is just as done as the other windows version. You just need to do the same procedure as in a Windows 7 or Windows 8 device. Although if you have a Windows 10 computer with S mode then you can download any software only from the Microsoft store. Windows 10 in S mode is designed

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How to add AVG to another computer

To add AVG to another computer you can log in to your AVG my account in the other computer. Now when you are logged in to the AVG my account on “another computer” you just need to reach the subscription tile. Here you will find the product associated with your account. Now if you have a license that is good

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How to install AVG on new computer

To install avg on a new computer, first of all, you need to redeem its license number or the activation code which you have for the AVG. When the AVG license number is redeemed then you can log in to your AVG my account in the next step. Now you can download your AVG internet security from the subscription tile

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How to put AVG on multiple computers

To install Avg on multiple computers you need to log in to your AVG account on all of these devices. Ensure that you are entering the credentials for the AVG Account that is linked to your AVG Internet Security subscription. To verify this, sign in to your AVG Account in your web browser and click the Subscriptions tile to see a list of the

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Geek Squad Trend Micro renewal

Geek squad Trend micro renewal Geek Squad Trend Micro renewal: To renew Geeksquad Trendmicro you need to open your Trendmicro app on the device. When you will open the Trendmicro app then you need to see on the right downside of the app where you will find written expires. When you will click there the subscription information window will open.

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McAfee download already purchased

To download McAfee that you already purchased you need to redeem the activation code for McAfee first at the page and then you need to login to your McAfee account. For details about the download and installation of McAfee, you may look into the main page on on the activation page itself. In the article, we tried to

By - Technicalsupport – with 25 digit McAfee activation code

25 digit McAfee activation code 25 digit McAfee activation code: Users get a 25 characters alphanumeric code on the Purchase of a new McAfee. This code is known as a product key or activation code. If you purchased your McAfee from an online store then you will get a activation code/product key inside your account with the store or you

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Kind Of Website hosting – Free, Shared, cloud, VPS, and Dedicated server

If you are a Website owner or you are just going to be one of them, then you must have researched about Website hosting as to be a Website owner you need to have a domain name and a place to host the data of that domain name. Now first of all i will brief you a little about free

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activate Mcafee at with my account

To activate McAfee at you need to some small steps. You can read complete details at page on the activation page for detailed information like minimum configuration to install McAfee on your device, the process for the installation, how to create a McAfee account while downloading, and installing McAfee in details. Now see my simple step-by-step procedure to

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how to renew a McAfee subscription with a product key?

Best McAfee renewal offers avail for the variants of McAfee security McAfee Total protection renewal 3 devices McAfee antivirus protection (1 year) McAfee total protection for unlimited device (1 year) McAfee Total Protection 10 devices To renew McAfee subscription with a product key you need to login to your McAfee account or you can do that with McAfee API or

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