Activate avg – Retail installation setup

Avg retail installation

Avg retail installation needs some simple steps to do. For avg retail installation you may start page. There you will find a registration and login option just after putting and redeeming the activation code. When you are done with redeeming the activation code. Login to your account if you already have one account for avg. Except it you have to create an avg account if you don’t have one. Account creation will be discussed in detail further.

Activate avg setup

To activate your avg setup you just need to put the activation code in an already installed avg.

How this works-

Install a trial of the same avg version for which you have a license code. Now from inside the account you can change the license code. Already written license code in the trial product is a trial one. So just change this trial from your paid one.

Creating an avg account for avg retail installation

for avg retail installation you may easily start with an avg my account. For creating and account just go to register option in avg official website. Now you just need to fill the form. And you will get a confirmation email in your email inbox. Just verify its you and you are done with the avg account. Now you can download any of the trial product of avg and further you may activate it by changing the license number as we discussed earlier.

avg retail installation login

create and avg account by clicking on the same register option and the “create an avg account”. And follow the instructions above. In case you have an avg account login to it.

avg retail registration page from inside –
avg retail registration page
create account along with the activation of your license code.

So from here you got a complete pictorial representation of avg retail installation. In case you face any kind of problem you can directly contact us.