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How to Install Webroot on a new computer?

Brought a New PC, and want to install Webroot on it, To protect your computer against viruses and many more malicious things.  The Webroot is a generous choice for your PC protection. But there are some requirements for the Webroot, which need to fulfill by your computer.

Install webroot on new computer

Minimum System requirements of a new computer for Webroot:

Before installing Webroot on a new computer, you must fulfill these requirements.

Windows operating system: Webroot SecureAnywhere can be installed on a computer with one of the following operating systems:

Processor: Intel Pentium®/Celeron® family, or AMD® K6™/Athlon®/AMD Duron™ family, or other compatible processors

RAM: 128 MB RAM (minimum)
2 GB RAM recommended (minimum)

Hard Disk Space: 15 MB
Internet Connectivity: Internet access is required.

Internet Explorer® 9.0 and higher (32-bit and 64-bit)
Mozilla Firefox® (32-bit and 64-bit)  – current and most recent versions
Google Chrome® (32-bit and 64-bit) – current and most recent versions

Precautions before installing Webroot on your new computer:

Before installing and activating the subscription of the Webroot on your new computer, please keep these precautions in your mind.

Fulfill minimum system requirements for the new computer:

If your new computer is compatible or not fulfill all requirements, you may not be able to use Webroot or some of its features.

Install webroot on new computer

Have a valid keycode to install the Webroot on a new computer:

Check for already installed any other antivirus program on your new computer:

Some times we brought a new computer, there may be any other antivirus program is installed on your new computer. If there is any, remove or uninstall it first before installing Webroot on a new computer. Because these both (Webroot and the other one) are antivirus programs, they may create conflict with each other. For this reason, we may able to use only one at a time on your new computer.

Download and install Webroot on a new computer:

Before going further please make sure you read carefully about the Minimum System Requirement to Install the Webroot on a New Computer, and Precautions before installing Webroot on your new computer. If you fulfill the requirements and keeping the precautions then you are ready to install Webroot after downloading it.

Download Webroot on a new computer:

You can download your Webroot on the new computer in two easy ways. First, you can validate your Webroot Keycode and download it if you buy it from BestBuy. The second way is to download the WSA installer directly which downloaded and you can activate your activation further.
If you buy your Webroot from BestBuy, then visit to validate your keycode and download Webroot on the new computer. Here you need to enter an email address
If you get your Webroot from anywhere else, you can download Webroot WSA installer directly from and activate it further.

Install Webroot on a new computer:

Once you downloaded the Webroot installer or WSA installer on your new computer you can easily install it. To install Webroot on your new computer by opening or running the installer (.exe file) by double-clicking it. Usually, installer saved on the Download Folder of your computer, you can find Webroot Installer here.
After opening or running the WSA installer, the installation is begun and a new Webroot user interface window will open. First of all, it starts checking the latest version of Webroot SecureAnywhere then starts the installation. With the help of the Webroot user interface, you can continue the installation without any hassle. Just follow the instructions on the Webroot user interface in order to finish the installation. Provide a valid Keycode and a valid Email Id when it asks for and Finish the installation.