Geek squad Trend micro renewal

Geek Squad Trend Micro renewal: To renew Geeksquad Trendmicro you need to open your Trendmicro app on the device. When you will open the Trendmicro app then you need to see on the right downside of the app where you will find written expires. When you will click there the subscription information window will open. On this subscription information window, you will find the subscription left info and a renew option as well.

Step by step procedure to renew geek squad Trend micro

Here i will tell you the same above discussed process in neat and step-wise way so you can understand the steps you need to do.

  • Open the Trendmicro app on the device/computer/laptop/mobile.
  • See the right bottom side expires on info and click on it.
  • Upon clicking the subscription information page will open and on this info screen you will see the renew now button.
  • Click on the renew now button and upon clicking you will be redirected to the store website to renew your Trendmicro.
Geek Squad Trend Micro renewal

Frequently asked questions on Geek squad Trend micro renewal

1- How to renew trendmicro with a new serial number?

Now if you have a new serial number for Trendmicro then you need to just change the serial number within the app to get it done. Open the Trendmicro app on your device and click on the “expires on”. Now click on change serial number on the subscription information window. change and submit.

But in this case remaining subscription will not be added to the subscription so change the serial number only when the old one is expired.

One more thing here, you can change the serial number only if the variants of the both Trendmicro are same. Like the one you purchased and the older one that is already installed.

2- How much Trendmicro renewal costs?

Trendmicro costs nearly $40 if you are in the USA (United States) and if you are going to renew TrendMicro maximum security then it may be $70-80 for the renewal.

3- How do I find out when my Trend Micro expires?

Open the Trendmicro app in your device where it is installed and follow these steps to see the expiry

  1. Double-click the Trend Micro icon on your desktop to open the main console of your Trend Micro Security.
  2. Click the expiry date at the bottom-right of the main console and click on it.
  3. When you will click on that then the subscription information window will open and you will be able to see the expiry of your product.
Where do I find my Trend Micro serial number?

You need to open the mail console or the Trendmicro app. Click on the “expires on” on the right bottom of the console. Upon clicking the subscription information page will open. On this very same page you can see your current serial number and even you can change it from here.

If you want a fresh download and install of Trendmicro from geek squad then you need to read the page. This page is about downloading the Geeksquad (Bestbuy) Trendmicro. is a specific URL for Trendmicro Geeksquad download.

Important URL’s in Trend micro activation

  • and  – These both URL’s are used to download trend micro bestbuy products. In case you got a Trendmicro from Bestbuy then you must navigate to any of these page to install your Trendmicro installer file.
  • – This URL is a direct web page to download your Trendmicro installer file for Trendmicro total antivirus security.
  • – If you want to download your Trendmicro for your Mac computer then you have to open the getmac URL.
  • – To get Trendmicro maximum security you may navigate to this page.
  • – Works to download Trendmicro internet security.
  • Download center- is solution for every Trend micro download. Just naviagte this page and download any of your Trendmicro product.

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