If you want to install trend micro security of a mac operating system then you need to open web page www.trendmicro.com/getmac. Mac system supports different extensions for a executable file. So here we need to download a different executable file or trend micro installer.

Steps to install trend micro on a mac computer

  • first of all open your safari browser.
  • Then type a url www.trendmicro.com/getmac
  • A file will be downloaded to the computer automatically.
  • Just run this file with your installer module.
  • Now your antivirus for mac system is ready to scan for the first time.

Features of trend micro antivirus on a mac computer

When you purchased a trend micro you got a ton of features along with the trend micro –

  • A real , real time protection – You purchased trend micro from best buy , you have done the right decision as it is a real , real time security. When you activated the trend micro security in your computer. Trend micro antivirus is running in the background and it will detect the threats on real time basis. Threats will be detected at the time when they will try to enter in your computer.
  • Trend micro update it’s virus definition on almost daily basis which classify the new threats in the market. After classification it update its virus definition over the network. So now if these new threats even try to intrude they will be detected and removed from the system.
  • Family protection
  • Email protection
  • Browser extension – A browser extension by trend micro will help you for safe surfing. When you will see any search result on the search engines it will show you a green mark on the safe websites and a red mark over the malicious websites.

                         There are tons of other features which you are going to get with this efficient and versatile antivirus.


In case you need any kind of support to install trend micro on your mac computer we are a 24/7 expert team and we will help you out on any kind of issues in your mac computer. Feel free to contact us.

Most noteworthy thing here is this article is written for a mac computer and if you want to install trend micro on a windows computer. you may visit www.trendmicro.com/bestbuy if you want to install trend micro bestbuy in case you got your trend micro for windows from somewhere else then simply visit download center for trend micro.