2 Comments is a web page where you can find all the kaspersky products on a single page. From this page either you can download any trial or you can buy any of the kaspersky product. If you already purchased a product of kaspersky and you want to activate it , this page is going to help.

How to download any kaspersky product from

To download and activate any of the kaspersky product go this web page link Now identify which product you purchased from your retail card. Now just start a free trial of the same product. Later after installing the free trial you can also activate the product with your license.

Products listed on

Most of the products by kaspersky are listed on this page. Given below is a list of these products –

  • Kaspersky security cloud (personal)
  • Security cloud (family)
  • Antivirus by kaspersky
  • Internet security by kaspersky
  • Kaspersky total security.
  • Password manager by kaspersky
  • VPN secure connection by kaspersky.
  • Kaspersky safe kids.

In order to install kaspersky you need to create an account for kaspersky even if you are going for a trial. Any trial can be further upgraded to licensed version from inside the product by changing activation code/ product key.

Precautions before installing any kaspersky software
  • Uninstall any other security program before installing kaspersky.
  • Restart your computer before installing.
  • Do not lose the activation code/ Product key.
  • Download the same variant for which you have the activation code/ product key.

In case you feel any kind of problem during installation of your kaspersky software feel free to contact us. We are 24/7 online and our experts are always ready to lend there hands in your computer related problems.

Downloading different variant of kaspersky from Different Kaspersky URL’s

There are several variant of kaspersky antivirus and internet security. These different variant can be downloaded from different web pages. is a page to download almost all type of Kaspersky variant. Here i am going to tell to all other page for a specific variant download.

  • – is a URL exclusively for Kaspersky internet security. From here a user can download kaspersky internet security.
  • for Kaspersky total security – is the right page for downloading Kaspersky total security.
  • – If you want to download kaspersky antivirus then is the direct URL for download.
  • page – This is a specific download page for all kaspersky products. Just United state users can get there download file for Kaspersky.
  • Geek squad kaspersky – If you have any kaspersky license from geek squad store then it’s license will not work with a simple download of kaspersky. There is a specific URL for all kaspersky geek squad antivirus and internet security which is

In case you want any other help feel free to contact us.

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