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Webroot activation page

Looking for Webroot activation page to activate your Webroot SecureAnywhere or for validating your Keycode?
You can validate your Webroot SecureAnywhere subscription and download Webroot SecureAnywhere installer or setup from the Webroot activation page. To activate it visit, and enter your email id and the keycode and click on next in order to download the setup.

Webroot activation page

You can also get download the 14 days free trial from and purchase a keycode latter. Once you buy a new keycode you can activate and validate it from the Webroot activation page (  Once you download the Webroot SecureAnywhere setup (.exe file) executable file install Webroot on your computer. Put the Keycode during the installation for completing the Webroot SecureAnywhere activation when it asks for that.
Among the Webroot activation page, you may also activate your Webroot subscription for your Webroot account. To activate your subscription from account log in to your Webroot account and under the subscription, you can manage and activate your Webroot subscription.

FAQ – Webroot activation page

Is Webroot Internet Security good?

Webroot Internet Security Plus and Internet Security Complete are good solutions for protecting your computers and mobile devices from malware.

Does Webroot disable Windows Defender?

If your running Windows 8.1 YES WSA will turn off Windows Defender as it’s full AV but on Windows 7 and lower no it will not and you have to do it manually and it’s only an Anti-Spyware.

Can I use Webroot and Norton together?

Webroot and Norton play very nice together. No interaction or issues have been encountered. Having both Webroot and Norton uses almost the same resources as Norton alone. This combo is good, but keep in mind that for most users, in my opinion, Webroot alone is more than enough and much lighter.

Features and Benefits

Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware & Firewall Features

Why Choose Webroot AntiVirus software with AntiSpyware & Firewall

Webroot activation page Advantage for Businesses

Businesses require different multi-level protection as compared to private users. With smarter cyber protection, you can safeguard your employees and company with hassle multi-vector protection for desktops, laptops, virtual machines, tablets and smartphones with safe especially home users. By providing Managed Service Providers with multi-vector security solutions, the Webroot Channel Edge Program promises recurring revenue, increased profitability, sales support and enablement tools. With Webroot Safe Installer, you can protect your computers and devices.

Endpoint Protection – Endpoint protection is very crucial for every business computer and allied devices. Countless mails have malicious attachments to phishing sites that serve as thriving ground for hackers, viruses and other malware. But if you secure your system with multi-vector protection, you can safeguard every endpoint across various users and prevent online attacks of all kinds.

Channel Edge MSP Program – This is designed to increase and improve the functioning of every business. Apart from protection you also get resources, flexible billing and easy management that is needed for flourishing your business by delivery superior services in every aspect.

Protection through Machine Learning – The Webroot Threat Intelligence platform is a cloud-based feature that aids every business with accuracy, context organizations and vendors that is needed to protect themselves as well as their customers across all online activities. Webroot Setup install helps you with antivirus installations.

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