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From here I am going to tell you how to install your webroot secureanywhere at www.webroot.com/safe. Furthermore, we also described how to install webroot secureanywhere with webroot my account, below with complete information.

How to Download webroot secureanywhere with key code?

to download webroot with key code follow the below instructions –

  • First of all open a browser on your computer.
  • Now type the website www.webroot.com/safe in the URL box of the browser.
  • If you reach the page see if your webroot wsainstall file is downloading automatically.
  • If not have a look at the downside of the Browser, you will find options like run , save or cancel. choose to run or save.
  • Finally, if the program is downloaded run it and start following the positive options coming on the screen.
  • Put your webroot key code in when it asks you for your webroot key code.
  • Like that put your email also when it will be asked in the procedure.
  • Looks like your webroot is doing its first scan on your computer.

bestbuy webroot install can also be done with these steps.

Install webroot with webroot account

  • To install a webroot with a webroot account, create a webroot account if you do not have any. In case you already have a webroot account login to your webroot account.
  • Inside your webroot account, you will find a place to add a new key code.
  • In case you are creating an account for the webroot then it will ask your key code at the time of account creation.

Support for setup on www.webroot.com/safe

In case you are facing any kind of problem during webroot secureanywhere install you can call support. Here I am going to list general problem which may arise during webroot secureanywhere download and installation.

  • The computer is now downloading any kind of file.
  • Antivirus user interface is showing malware warning during the install.
  • You have another old expired antivirus in your computer.
  • Or you have an older expired version of webroot already there in your computer.
  • Some kind of malicious program is creating a deadlock condition.

Setup support possible on www.webroot.com/safe

In case you are facing any kind of above-listed problem you may ask for support these problems can be easily resolved by the experts. Except for some of the general troubleshooting, I am going to tell you here which you can do by yourself.

  • Remove a conflicting program from the computer – If you have any old antivirus or expired webroot in your computer simple go to your computer control panel -> program and features section. There you will find the installed program list of your computer remove your old antivirus from here. Now restart your computer before a fresh installation.
  • In case of any other problem which is bit complex directly contact the technical support number.


Generally asked questions on www.webroot.com/safe

What is a webroot key code ?

A webroot key code is 20 characters alphanumeric string which is unique for every user. It is used to activate webroot subscription.

Where i will find my webroot key code ?

You will find your webroot key code on the back of your retail card if you purchased your retail card from an offline store like geek squad. In case you got it online then key code may come to your registered email with the store.

What is webroot exe file ?

Webroot exe file is an executable file which we need to download in order to start webroot installation and activation.

in case of any other question or any kind of computer or antivirus related problem, you can get started with us via our contact page.

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